At ORC we lead, we don’t follow.

Are you in rapid growth mode?
Are you trying to change your damaging 1 or 2 star ratings into 5 star influencing customers?
Are you a B2B business that is looking to offer a direct to consumer service regionally or internationally?

Consultancy & Support

ORC operate a consultative approach across everything we do.  Our team will focus on your business plan, analyse your pain points, and discuss your concerns.

ORC understand the many varied touch-points that make a successful multi-channel retail business. We understand that a customer journey does not start when they walk into your store or when they add a product to their basket on your website. We also understand that the cost to acquire that first purchase is high which makes repeat and retention the number one priority for any growing business.

With so many routes to market and with new channels appearing regularly it may appear unclear where is best to start. ORC are experts in simplifying, tracking, monitoring and improving these major challenges.

Scaling a business with the staff and teams already in place can seem daunting and most tend to rush towards recruitment of more of the same. Cloaking the underlying problems and doing more of the same damages repeat custom. ORC help you to put more focus into customer engagement and advise on the systems and processes to help your team achieve their goals.

The growing pains of successful businesses reach a critical mass when there is no room for error. Rapid delivery demands or speed in exchanges and refunds are two of the main breaking points that turn customers off instantly. A process that drops the ball when something is out of stock or a return has not been processed quickly enough can draw away key individuals at the time when they are most needed elsewhere.

ORC work with our customers and business partners to work through these challenges so that your systems can cope with all of the scenarios and processes you may encounter. This way your key team can stop looking backwards to fix issues and can put all their energy into focussing on growth.

Our ongoing support will review performance against KPIs that we will set with you together. Scheduled health check reviews take place to keep focus on the agreed goals. We will be with you on the journey and we are only successful when you grow.

Consultancy Solutions

Our small business offering will focus on your current infrastructure and routes to market with the plan of simplifying processes to enable growth. We will discuss your growth aspirations and help to build an IT plan that supports each milestone stage. We will outline the options you have to sensibly review outsourcing services, where you can maximise your current systems, and if it is time to review industry leading end point solutions.
As a small business you have a world of choice and making sense of what is best for you and your business is where we help. Contact us today to start the conversation. (typical project of 1 to 5 days).

Our medium size business offering will focus on the growing pains and pinch points that your people and processes are experiencing. Our simplified approach will again look to maximise your existing infrastructure before recommending big IT investment change. The unity of your people and technology will be the key to your growth. Book a call with us today to discuss your challenges. (typical project of 3 to 10 days).

Our enterprise approach will be to focus on the data flow within your organisation so that all moving parts are being monitored and reported on. Better support for your team will come from learning and planning from your data. Growth into new territories can be started with a turnkey solution. Book a review with us today to plan out your IT strategy for the short, medium and long term. (typical project of 10 days plus).

It’s a partnership. ORC work with you every step of the way.