About Us

Clear and achievable advice aligned to your plan.

With the retail market growing 4% YoY since 2010 it is essential that your business is agile and scalable while remaining efficient. The systems and processes you have in place and how your team maximise the use of these will be critical to your success

Our dynamic consultative approach looks at your short-term challenges but with the long term in mind. Staying one step ahead of growth challenges will help springboard your businesses into that next stage of growth.

Who Are ORC?

ORC are a team of professionals that have worked in the software industry for a number of years.  They have embraced the dot.com evolution, experienced first-hand the millennium bug and been at the cutting edge of advising businesses through their growth and change management as they transition from SMEs through to multinational corporates.

The dynamics of the retail market have always been demanding for all sizes of business. These recent unprecedented global events have caught many businesses out and have made us all reassess the way we are engaging with our customers.

Our UK based team are here and are ready to work with you to make sure your systems and processes are aligned to your customers’ expectations. ORC will help to keep you agile in this dynamic omnichannel world.

The Board

Richard Nash

Managing Director

With over 20 years of experience of customer and vendor facing IT experience across a range of disciplines including Finance, Distribution, Manufacturing, Retail and eCommerce.  He has worked strategically offering businesses advice on how to maximise their return on their IT investment. Richard has operated at Board level for many years and throughout his career has built, managed and motivated sales and account management teams. 

Nicholas Remzi


With over 25 years of hands on Software and IT experience at commercial and application levels. I have assisted my clients to gain the benefits to be had from implementing leading edge line of business systems that have proven abilities to reduce time taken to record details and provide efficiencies across their business.

Nigel Griffiths

Business Development Director

A pioneer of the industry, he designed and implemented some of the very first solutions in the UK for, Ecommerce, Multi-channel Retail, TV Shopping, Third Party Logistics and Off Shore Call Centres. These solution were delivered when the industry was in its infancy and many are still in use today.  After 20 years in the industry he still retains his passion for process innovation and is a champion of what he calls “The Frictionless Customer Journey”.

What We Do

ORC use our vast and varied experience to work through your challenges with you.

Achieving growth in challenging times is very tough. A fine blend of teamwork with brilliant use of technology helps improve your customer journey.

Referral business is by far the lowest cost for new business acquisition and your existing customers are your best brand ambassadors. By not letting your existing customers slip through any cracks in your process and by servicing a frictionless way of trading with you keeps them coming back.

At ORC we focus on your customer journey and align your systems and processes to match the task in hand. Not every challenge requires a large IT spend and not every problem is solved by automation.

Efficiency is when your team and technology work in harmony and together they cope with rapid change and scaling challenges.

ORC are here to work with you and we align our thoughts and recommendations to your current position, your business plan, your goals and your budget.

Where We Fit

Your business will be trading at full pace. Your staff will be at, or near, capacity. Your brand has grown off the back of your first wave of happy customers. Your product range has broadened and diversified. You are multi-channel and are ticking off the routes to market that you know your customers want.

You are multi-channel and are ticking off the routes to market that you know your customers want. You will be turning over a few million and are looking strong in your sector. However, your reviews are not as good as they were and customers that used to buy certain products from you regularly are no longer buying.

Your wholesale business is a well-oiled machine. Shipping pallet after pallet with truck load after truck load flying out the door. Business is good. But,  starting a new channel or territory is too much for your current systems and processes to take.

It is time to go again and enter a new territory or new route to market but your existing system appears to not be agile enough. You do not want to throw out anything that has been working so well for you, but you are looking for something that will give you the agility you need to get into that new market quickly.

Our Partners

We stand out from the crowd

ORC are independent and lead with consultancy rather than solution sales. Our team of experts have been working within the Microsoft and Sage channels for many years and we are here to add value to your existing relationship with your existing suppliers.

As the shift in customer activity has moved from back office to front of house and online social media engagement, trying to make a traditional ERP system adapt to this fast pace front end may not be the best way forward for your business.

ORC help businesses become aligned to their customers’ journey. We help identify the journey from marketing and social media or in store engagement through to the conversion into becoming a customer. We then follow this through in detail to the all-important goal of retention, regular custom, and loyalty.

We partner with many industry leading software providers that specialise in solutions for omni channel businesses. ORC will support your business and your plan and only look at technology changes when it is clear that change is required. People buy from people and we are not in the business of automating the personality out of your business and brand and recognise that even the most efficient of processes required human intervention.

ORC recognise the difference that sector specialists can bring. Having ORC be on your side and on your plan is where we make the difference. There are many complex moving parts to a successful omni channel business and one solution does not necessarily fit all.

Our network of partners covers the end to end and around again processes that your customers now expect as standard. The joined up omni channel world that has quickly become the norm is the gap between being stagnant and growth.